Products Include

  • ProSpin Single Wafer Spin Processors
  • Pressure Vessels
  • High Pressure Pumps

Wafer Spin Processing

All ProSpin Single Wafer Spin Processors are designed for continuous operation and have these features listed below.  Specific models have may have additional features:

Individual Models and Descriptions:

Model: ProSpin 6  (full featured)

Model: ProSpin 6e+2

Model: ProSpin 6e  (lowest cost)

Model:  ProSpin 8  (full features)

Model:  ProSpin 8e+

Model:  ProSpin 8e  (lowest cost)

Model: ProSpin 12  (coming Q1 2015)

Latest News

Westar announces 300mm single wafer spin processing stations for wet etch, develop and cleaning will be available beginning in March of 2015.  Contact us for further details.